Paper protoypes

I’ve been a UX designer for a while now and get asked regularly, what tools do you use? What’s best for wireframes and prototypes? I spent time trying different tools, Azure, Invision, Balsamic, Moqups, POP. The choices are endless, especially in the last couple of years.
I soon came to realise, it doesn’t really matter. The tools you use should be the ones that suit your clients workflow.

As a UX professional you are hired for your ideas and guidance, so the onus shouldn’t be on what tools you use but how do you make your decisions, see previous post. I find the best way to create the most ideas before we invest time narrowing them down, digitalising then iterating them, is to use pen and paper.

Paper prototypes are quick, accessible and put the focus on ideation. They can be tested using things like POP or with focus groups. They can be shared and presented on walls and shared spaces. They highlight glaringly obvious problems and solutions.

The tools mentioned earlier are great for iterating wireframes and version control, however by resisting the temptation to fire up software we are able to think more broadly. When we use software we start investing in an idea, and very rarely steer away from it.

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