Barry Khan

Getting paid

Losing passion by being paid

A post about the conflict felt when getting paid for things you are passionate about, and would ultimately do for free, if in a position to do so. Also how I don't see that happening within my design career.

For the last 20+ years I’ve been an avid photographer. It started at University when the first few digital cameras came about. I was mesmerised. Later I discovered film photography, picking up a Pentax half frame camera my dad bought while in Saudi in the 70s. Other film cameras include the Leica M6, which I regret selling and the fantastic Contax G2.

Black and white capture showing street art, with side profile of a male

After documenting university, and a number of storytelling workshops later, I started to documented weddings of my friends, and soon fell into reportage wedding photography as well as corporate photography.

Meanwhile I would follow a passion of street photography, all whilst freelancing as a UX designer from agency to agency.

Black and white film capture of two a couple in the rain from the album by Barry Khan, Rainy London Days

Once I had children my passion for professional photography dropped. In fact passion for any photography dipped.

I went from having multiple cameras and lenses to using just a phone. Constantly trying to strike the balance between enjoying the moment, not needing to capture everything, and having just enough documented to bring back memories.

I hope to pick a new camera up in the new year but I think years of being paid for something, Im passionate about has left me not wanting to pick up a camera any time soon.

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The day job

With regards my day job, I very much enjoy designing accessible services while answering those unmet needs the public are faced with on a daily basis.

In addition to working on services for public and private sector clients, I do often provide charities free advice and consultancy when needed via Digital Candle.

If it wasn’t for seeing users satisfaction when completing a previously tricky interaction, or the fact that there’s so much to learn, new techniques and problems to face, my day job could be victim to the same demise.

My drive is to keep learning and keep finding unmet user needs. I think that should keep me busy for a while!