Barry Khan

Usability Mysteries, "Good Enough" Workshops, and Culinary Adventures


Weeknotes from the 6 July 2024

Things I did

In work

Had a busy week buulding up to an election. The week covered at least one call about measurements of success, and I can see that will be the case for the near future.

I had a number of issues come to be that someone percieved were UI issues but soon realised tha the root causes of the issues needed adressing. Imagine trying to fix a sinking ship by repainting the deck. Spoiler: it didn’t help.

All day event Had a great all day event, looking at how we approach projects and ensure a conscious decisions in choosing the right tools for the right problems.

Email Catch-Up Caught up with emails. Inbox zero is a myth, much like unicorns or meetings that could have been emails.

Outside of work

an image showing the Bath roman baths, show from high up.

Long Weekend in Bath

Ah, Bath. Spent a weekend there, and let me tell you, the Romans knew a thing or two about relaxation. The Roman baths were utterly fascinating—nothing quite like soaking in the remnants of ancient hygiene practices.

Took a leisurely boat trip down the River Avon. It was remarkably serene, aside from the occasional swan giving me the side-eye. Nature's way of keeping you humble, I suppose.

And the food! Let’s just say I sampled more of Bath's culinary delights than perhaps was strictly necessary. But hey, when in Rome... or at least in a city heavily influenced by Rome. All in all, it was a delightful blend of indulgence and education, with a side of swan-induced humility.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A busman's holiday

an image showing the Bath roman baths, show from high up.

It's like a busman's holiday for me, as outside of work I've been helping my wife create her food blog. Imagine spending all day making digital experiences user-friendly and then spending your evenings making kale salads look Instagram-worthy. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other

The blog documents her exploration into nutrition, as she carries out a Diploma in Culinary Medicine with a particular focus on gut health and longevity. Yes, while I'm knee-deep in user journeys and heuristic evaluations, she's delving into the mysteries of kombucha and the secrets of sauerkraut.

That's all for this week. Until next time, may your usability be high and your error rates low.

A bit about me: I'm a UCD specialist focused on Service and Interaction Design, with a passion for accessibility and creating services for all. I navigate the world with a dry sense of humor, finding the funny side in the most mundane tasks.