Barry Khan

Weeknotes 20 April 2024


New contract

This week I started a new Service Design contract with MoJ. Back with a team and services I have worked with before. I've really enjoyed my first week, and got up to speed a lot quicker than I would have usually.

I’m working at a couple of different lenses. Quite close to the detail in a few services that could join up a little better but also feed into a much wider cross services space, that could have a really impact on the Justice Community.

The problem space I’m working in is pretty complex, and I usually gravitate to Technical Architects, or bring my daft questions to them. This gives me a sound understanding of perceived constraints. Often decisions made from a technical level impact the end user and influence design decisions. Also if a tech architect is patient enough to handle my daft questions, it’s a good litmus test to tell me if I’m working in a nice service space. So far so good! As before being surrounded by people passionate about their work is very inspiring.

Systems thinking

I finished a short course on Systems Thinking, from the Uncshool of Disruptive Design. I really enjoyed it and it was full of practical methods to bring a more systemic approach to solving service problems.

Next week

Next week I plan to do the following

Away from work

I've just built a shelf for my camper van, lthough I should be doing more in the house! Also frantically looking for cheap getaways.

Indoor cycling a bit and doing some HIIT classes but have a tendon issue which means I should be resting. Very frustrated to be missing out on basketball, with my local middleaged dads team, the Lichfield Legends!

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