Barry Khan

Assessments and iOS Shortcuts - A Week of Design Adventures


Weeknotes from the 17 June 2024

Things I did


Started the week by organizing the post-MVP backlog. It was like Marie Kondo-ing our project: tidying up features and improvements for after our MVP launch. If it doesn't spark joy (or improve user experience), it's out.


I supported a team as they are having an their first assessment. This one is for leaving alpha phase. Spent the rest of the day juggling those post MVP tickets and emphasizing user-centric priorities with the team, because, you know, users are people too.


Had a kick-off meeting for our design team. Picture a lively session where we set goals, defined roles, and brainstormed like our lives depended on it. The energy was high, and the ideas were creative, to say the least.


Held an exciting ideation session. The team threw around ideas like confetti, using mind mapping and rapid prototyping. It was productive and inspiring—a bit like a brainstorming party, minus the cake.


Spent today diving into technical constraints with the dev team. Not the most glamorous task, but essential. And started planning a workshop with some bigwigs!

Reflecting on a week filled with planning, collaboration, and creativity. Looking forward to riding this wave into next week.

Things I learnt


Wrapped up the week diving deeper into iOS shortcuts to automate tasks and reduce phone dependency. It's all about working smarter, not harder.

an image showing the Apple IOS Shortcut Logo

Some examples of IOS shortcuts I've been creating include:

Will write a post about the shortcuts with some steps, as I did take a UCD approach to pain points I've identified and it might be interesting to someone.

Away from work

Reducing phone dependancy

I've started afew thing:

A bit about me: I'm a UCD specialist focused on Service and Interaction Design, with a passion for accessibility and creating services for all. I navigate the world with a dry sense of humor, finding the funny side in the most mundane tasks.