Barry Khan

Design Sprints and Digital Detoxes


Weeknotes from the 28 June 2024

Things I did


I embarked on the grand journey of crafting a high-level storyboard. The goal? To show how our products play could nice together and eliminate the endless rekeying of information.


Had a session with Performance Analayst, iut was realy useful, and very much like the Google HEART Framework sessions I have run previously. View Google HEART framwork details on the IxD Foundation site.

Also was involved in an Alpha Assessment. The results were positive. We'll take that as a win.


Had a great ideation session. The ideas were plentiful, the results... to be determined.


Managed to do some more sketches, in an ideation session led by the awesome Interaction design on the team. A rare treat these days. Embracing the design sprint approach, fast and furious.

Rediscovered an old design history tool I created back at GDS. Shared it with the Ministry of Justice. Nostalgia trip successful.


Planning for another workshop. Carried out some desk research, and gathered artefacts for a new service designer. Hoping the team doesn't lose hope.

Outside of Work

Growth Delved deeper into ChatGPT and iOS integration. Who knew AI could be so chatty?

Share Writing a post about digital detox. Because apparently, staring at screens all day isn't great for you.

Creative Kicking off a new side project aimed at community building and connection. Because we all need a little more connection, right?

Focus Spent less time on social media and my phone. It's like discovering a new world out there.

A bit about me: I'm a UCD specialist focused on Service Design, with a passion for accessibility and creating services for all. I navigate the world with a dry sense of humor, finding the funny side in the most mundane tasks.