Barry Khan

Ministry of Justice - HMPSS

work Service Design

Reducing Reoffending with the Ministry of Justice

I've been fortunate to work on 2 really important service areas at Ministry of Justice (MoJ, all within HMPPS). Firstly as a Snr Interaction Designer, working on their Criminal Justice Secure Messaging service, then as a Snr Service Designer on the Reducing Reoffending program, spanning a number of high profile services aimed at improving the employability of those leaving prison.

During this time I've held strategic lead roles, spanning multiple teams and projects.

Education in Prison, has its challenges and constraints, but I relish working in such in important service area. I do believe that meaningful education and work in prison will lead to better outcomes for those leaving prison, and ultimately lead to reducing reoffending and safer streets.

Some of the activities I've lead on include:

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